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Areas of Expertise

Each of our staff averages more than 20 years of experience in the electric power industry, combining electric utility and consulting service background with a history of delivering successful projects to a variety of firms, architect-engineers, other consultants, and electric utilities. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship, and thrive on solving challenges.

Due to our experience, attention to detail, proper planning, and coordination with all involved we create customized plans that avoid conflicts and solve design problems before the building stage to ensure a quality installation that meets our customer’s specifications, needs, and expectations. Our team of professionals consists of project managers and well trained technicians with experience and knowledge that spans the latest technology for all methods of high tech communications and electrical construction.

Our core areas of expertise include the following:

  • Distribution substation design, modifications, installation, testing and commissioning contracting
  • Plant and building power distribution
  • Emergency standby power and UPS systems
  • Grounding and lightning protection
  • Audit of existing electrical facilities and network
  • Equipment and construction specifications
  • Project management for design, procurement and construction
  • Power factor correction for industry
  • Commercial, residential and industrial lighting
  • Support to AE firms and developers for specialized electrical services
  • Provision of “Owner’s Engineer” services to represent the interests of the owner during procurement, construction and installation of electrical systems
  • Motor control center (MCC) design
  • Maintenance program development and review
  • Plant and building telephone and data distribution
  • Plant and building fire alarm, P.A. and CCTV Systems
  • Power system communications and SCADA systems
  • Renewable Energy Solutions comprising Solar and Wind Energy Systems